o bby id flood ur inbox


Does prastshacker have a Tumblr?
are you a fan of pizza

large fa n

i am a skyrim an d u need 2 check urself b4 u make a big boo boo

put dat big boo boo in my woo hoo

your getting a hug today and the choice is not yours!!!!

a hug sounds nice : D

Cue all the diehard Skyrim fans flooding your inbox

actually I’ve gotten none. hurray!


13. Musical artists you love but have gotten shit for liking.

John Meyer. Coldplay…. few others at thetip of my tongue. ):

Hey! I saw that you wanna go to Canada? I'm from Austin and I've lived in Montreal for almost 3 years now! If you get the chance, French Canada is a beautiful place to visit or live.. Anyways, I love your art style so much! Have a nice day~ (๑ơ ₃ ơ)♥

Haha, thanks for the suggestion, but the place I seek to move to will be Vancouver. :> and thanks!